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Medicine & Health Care Students’ Surgical Rounds

#NSLCHEAL students participated in surgical rounds, which included dissecting a cow’s eye, a sheep’s heart, and learning how to do sutures on a […]

Opening Ceremonies

#NSLCENGN, #NSLCHEAL, and #NSLCMAST students have arrived! Check out a few photos from their opening ceremonies: To view more images, please check out […]

Session 2 Begins at Rice University

Today, the NSLC at Rice University welcomed more than 170 students to Rice University for Session 2. Students in the Engineering, Medicine & […]

Session 1, Departure Day

Thank you all so much for following along with NSLC Session 1 at Rice University! To see all of our photos, visit […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Continue Medical Training

#NSLCHEAL students have had plenty of time to refine their skills, from suturing and dissection, to taking vitals and bedside manner. But can […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Learn Clinical Skills

#NSLCHEAL students spent the morning learning how to take blood pressure, test pupils for reflexes, listen for abnormal breath sounds, and more. All […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit a Medical Simulation Center

#NSLCHEAL students visited the University of Texas McGovern Medical School’s simulation lab today to learn how to perform ultrasounds, draw blood, intubate a […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit the Houston Health Museum

Students in the #NSLCHEAL program spent time today conducting experiments in the Cell Lab at the Houston Health Center. To see more photos, […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Learn About the Daily Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an orthopedic surgeon, or better yet, the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at […]

Medicine & Health Care Clinical Diagnostic Simulation

This afternoon, #NSLCHEAL students participated in a Clinical Diagnostic Simulation, a dermatology workshop, and and prepared for a public health symposium. To see […]