Category: Medicine & Health Care

Surgical Rounds and Presentations

Students used scalpels to identify different parts of the heart and eye. Later, they presented the projects that they worked on for the […]

Ascension Clinical Education Center

Students visited an industry-standard training facility to access realistic simulation training tools and medical equipment. Click here to view all images for healthcare!

Dermatology Workshop and Advanced Sutures

Dr. Grabell’s last day allowed students to use advanced dermatology tools and learn more intricate sutures. Click here to view all images for […]

Suturing and Team Building!

Students were introduced to suturing from an industry professional, utilizing the proper tools and a comparable subject for hands-on learning. Later, students participated […]

Dermatology Workshop

Dr. Grabell guided students through his field of dermatology by allowing students to use specialized instruments to remove surface-level blemishes and apply advanced […]

Needles, Suturing, and Dr. Grabell’s Scavenger Hunt

Students used teamwork to determine the diagnosis of a hypothetical patient in Dr. Grabell’s Scavenger Hunt. Then, Dr. Grabel instructed a hands-on activity […]

Ascension Clinical Education Center

The Medicine and Healthcare students were hands-on with actual medical equipment during a series of realistic simulations, from dressing wounds, applying tourniquets, and […]

Clinical Rounds Simulations

The NSLC healthcare students got a feel for the steady hands required to be a surgeon, taking vitals, and testing reflexes. Click here […]

The Session Two Experience

Click one of the photos to see the full album. HEAL students spent an incredible nine days at NSLC learning about their field, […]

IV Simulation

Click one of the photos to see the full album. HEAL students learned how to insert an IV into a patient in today’s […]