Year: 2017

Comfort Zone? Where?

Many of the sessions that the students are attending are very focused on their chosen career field.  Some are focused on leadership qualities.  […]

Engineering Students Design Water Filters

#NSLCENGN students worked in teams to create water filtration systems using household items, such as coffee filters, sugar, beans, rice, and more. Acidic, […]

Mastering Leadership Students Find Themselves on the Personality Matrix

#NSLCMAST students learned about the Personality Matrix today during a session led by A’ric Jackson. Through an activity, students are divided into four […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit a Medical Simulation Center

#NSLCHEAL students visited the University of Texas McGovern Medical School’s simulation lab today to learn how to perform ultrasounds, draw blood, intubate a […]

Let’s Talk Commitment

When we hear the word “Commitment” we sometimes immediately think of how it pertains to relationships.  But what about Commitment when it comes […]

Mastering Leadership Students Learn About Commitment in Action

#NSLCMAST students developed personal leadership statements, and learned about committing to give 110% through dance. Students worked with Mr. A’ric Jackson, who provides […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit the Houston Health Museum

Students in the #NSLCHEAL program spent time today conducting experiments in the Cell Lab at the Houston Health Center. To see more photos, […]

It Is Not About You

In a world where leadership has been boiled down to a “Title”, we have come to discover that people are more interested in […]

Engineering Students Work Together on Trebuchet Challenge

Yesterday, #NSLCENGN students worked with their TA groups to create catapult-like devices called trebuchets. In the video linked below, Program Director Juan Gomez-Pineiro […]

MAST Opening Ceremony, Session 1

#NSLCMAST students have arrived on campus! To see a schedule for the week, click here. To view more photos from Mastering Leadership’s opening […]