Pollution Solutions, Line Cars, and Concept Products

Students presented their session-long projects of creating products to solve pressing human issues. Then, students demoed their custom fabricated water pollution collectors and […]

Needles, Suturing, and Dr. Grabell’s Scavenger Hunt

Students used teamwork to determine the diagnosis of a hypothetical patient in Dr. Grabell’s Scavenger Hunt. Then, Dr. Grabel instructed a hands-on activity […]

Visiting the Houston Space Center

Students traveled three hours to talk with experts on the cutting edge of science and witness NASA’s awe-inspiring displays of their most significant […]

Ascension Clinical Education Center

The Medicine and Healthcare students were hands-on with actual medical equipment during a series of realistic simulations, from dressing wounds, applying tourniquets, and […]

Glider Design Challenge

Students visited the Texas Capitol during the day and competed in a glider design and flight challenge by night. Click here to view […]

Clinical Rounds Simulations

The NSLC healthcare students got a feel for the steady hands required to be a surgeon, taking vitals, and testing reflexes. Click here […]

Soldering and Water Filtration

Students learned the fundamentals of soldering and the multi-step process of building their own water filters. Click here to view all images for […]

Registration Day!

Our Engineering and Healthcare students from all over the world checked into U.T Austin, eagerly awaiting all the activities NSLC has in store. […]

Meet the U.T Austin Staff!

From the NSLC staff to everyone arriving at the University of Texas at Austin, welcome! Click here to view all staff images!


Click one of the photos to see the full album. And just like that, our summer programs have come to an end. HEAL […]