Let’s Talk Commitment

When we hear the word “Commitment” we sometimes immediately think of how it pertains to relationships.  But what about Commitment when it comes […]

Mastering Leadership Students Learn About Commitment in Action

#NSLCMAST students developed personal leadership statements, and learned about committing to give 110% through dance. Students worked with Mr. A’ric Jackson, who provides […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit the Houston Health Museum

Students in the #NSLCHEAL program spent time today conducting experiments in the Cell Lab at the Houston Health Center. To see more photos, […]

It Is Not About You

In a world where leadership has been boiled down to a “Title”, we have come to discover that people are more interested in […]

Engineering Students Work Together on Trebuchet Challenge

Yesterday, #NSLCENGN students worked with their TA groups to create catapult-like devices called trebuchets. In the video linked below, Program Director Juan Gomez-Pineiro […]

MAST Opening Ceremony, Session 1

#NSLCMAST students have arrived on campus! To see a schedule for the week, click here. To view more photos from Mastering Leadership’s opening […]

Engineering Students at the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen

#NSLCENGN students spent their morning touring the OEDK on Rice University’s campus. The focus of this building is to design prototype and deploy […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Learn About the Daily Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an orthopedic surgeon, or better yet, the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at […]

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Here at NSLC, we are excited to provide the students with an opportunity to explore their future careers.  Whether it be through simulations, […]

Engineering Students Compete in Wind Turbine Challenge – Photos

#NSLCENGN students competed in teams to build the most efficient (in terms of cost and function) miniature wind turbine. Congratulations to Group 4, […]