Category: High School Programs

Pollution Solutions, Line Cars, and Concept Products

Students presented their session-long projects of creating products to solve pressing human issues. Then, students demoed their custom fabricated water pollution collectors and […]

Needles, Suturing, and Dr. Grabell’s Scavenger Hunt

Students used teamwork to determine the diagnosis of a hypothetical patient in Dr. Grabell’s Scavenger Hunt. Then, Dr. Grabel instructed a hands-on activity […]

Visiting the Houston Space Center

Students traveled three hours to talk with experts on the cutting edge of science and witness NASA’s awe-inspiring displays of their most significant […]

Ascension Clinical Education Center

The Medicine and Healthcare students were hands-on with actual medical equipment during a series of realistic simulations, from dressing wounds, applying tourniquets, and […]

Glider Design Challenge

Students visited the Texas Capitol during the day and competed in a glider design and flight challenge by night. Click here to view […]

Clinical Rounds Simulations

The NSLC healthcare students got a feel for the steady hands required to be a surgeon, taking vitals, and testing reflexes. Click here […]

Soldering and Water Filtration

Students learned the fundamentals of soldering and the multi-step process of building their own water filters. Click here to view all images for […]

Registration Day!

Our Engineering and Healthcare students from all over the world checked into U.T Austin, eagerly awaiting all the activities NSLC has in store. […]

The Session Two Experience

Click one of the photos to see the full album. ENGN students spent the last nine days learning about their field and themselves. […]

Line Car

Click one of the photos to see the full album. ENGN students battled it out in a line car race. They coded and […]