Category: High School Programs

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit Baylor College of Medicine

#NSLCHEAL students visited the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston today, where they had the chance to tour the facility, meet with current […]

Engineering Students Design and Test Water Filtration Devices

#NSLCENGN students worked in teams to create water filtration systems using household items, such as coffee filters, sugar, beans, rice, charcoal, and more. […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit Houston Health Museum

#NSLCHEAL students visited the cell lab at the Houston Health Museum, where they conducted experiments related to DNA, blood type, and cheek cells. […]

Mastering Leadership Students Say “See You Later”

#NSLCMAST students bid their final farewells to their TA groups and new friends today, as they headed home different people than those who […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Participate in Conflict Resolution Exercise

This afternoon, #NSLCHEAL students participated in a series of conflict resolution exercises with Mr. A’ric Jackson. The first exercise was designed to exemplify […]

Mastering Leadership Students Volunteer at Rise Against Hunger

#NSLCMAST students spent the morning volunteering at Rise Against Hunger, an organization dedicated to “end[ing] hunger in our lifetime by providing food and […]

Engineering Students Learn How to Solder, Build Trebuchets

#NSLCENGN students spent their morning learning about the daily work of engineers, including how to solder, and part of the afternoon building trebuchets. […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit Space Center

#NSLCHEAL students visited the Space Center Houston today. Click here for more photos.

Medicine & Health Care Students Participate in Clinical Diagnostic Simulation, Dermatology Workshop

This afternoon, #NSLCHEAL students participated in a Clinical Diagnostic Simulation, a dermatology workshop, and and prepared for a public health symposium. To see […]

Engineering Students Visit the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen

#NSLCENGN students spent their morning touring the OEDK on Rice University‚Äôs campus and working on prototypes of products designed for people with the […]